May 2019

Lesvos Women and Children's Shelter opens its doors to house vulnerable pregnant women who would otherwise be stranded in the notorious Moria refugee camp.

April 2019

Safe Place International opens its 2-story community center in Athens, Greece open for all those seeking free language education, job training, networking support, hot meals, showers, and a family atmosphere!

November 2018

SPI partnered with Tijuana LGBT emergency shelters to provide support and valuable crisis advice during the "migrant caravan crisis" on the border.

July 2018

SPI began delivering monthly food support to unregistered refugee camps outside of Athens area.

March 2018

SPI partnered with local activists in Bangladesh to deliver emergency aid for Rohingya refugees and widowed mothers.

November 2017

Athens Housing Collective started to fill the housing gap for vulnerable refugees. We started with one apartment and now house over 50 beneficiaries.

June 2017

Aman LGBT Shelter in Istanbul opened its doors for emergency cases. It was the first project of Safe Place International.